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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Our set of checklists, which have been developed as a result of our experience, are invaluable—individually or as a set of 9. In addition to the information one would expect, our checklists include “call-outs” Our agreement checklists include: Purchasing, Outsourcing, Leasing, Software Licensing, Software Development, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Service Level Agreement (SLA), Application Service Provider (ASP) and Consulting. When you use an ICN checklist, you can be sure that your interests are well represented.

A Complete Set of Checklists A Complete Set of Checklists
This bundle contains our entire suite of checklists: ASP (Application Service Provider) Agreement Checklist Consulting Agreement Checklist Lease Agreement Checklist Outsourcing Agreement C…   
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Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreement Checklist Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreement Checklist
As you can see, this 31-page ASP Checklist is very deep in its ingredients: Identification Of Parties To The Agreement Inducements/Recitals Definitions Application Service and other Servic…   
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Consulting Agreement Checklist Consulting Agreement Checklist
This 29-page document is designed to support your organization in negotiating and drafting consulting service agreements. Utilizing this checklist can ensure that the vendor contractually acknowledges…   
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Lease Agreement Checklist Lease Agreement Checklist
This 26-page checklist is designed to be used in drafting a Master Lease Agreement that contains the general lease terms and conditions, and Equipment Schedules addressing issues specific to individua…   
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Outsourcing Agreement Checklist Outsourcing Agreement Checklist
Although outsourcing agreements can be especially difficult, ICN’s 46-page checklist will enable you to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. In customizing your outsourcing agreeme…   
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Purchase Agreement Checklist Purchase Agreement Checklist
This 19-page checklist is designed to support negotiating and drafting a variety of IT equipment purchases. Topics which are covered in this checklist include Inducements/Recitals, Delivery/Installati…   
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SaaS Agreement Checklist SaaS Agreement Checklist
This 31-page document has detailed reminders and tips regarding all the sections below: Identification of Parties to the Agreement Inducements/Recitals Definitions Subscription And Service…   
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SaaS Agreement Package SaaS Agreement Package
This 28-page SaaS Agreement Template, along with the SaaS Checklist and SaaS vs. Standard Software – Issues in Licensing webinar will make your Software-as-a-Service library complete. Save time…   
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SLA Checklist SLA Checklist
This 12-page checklist is designed to be useful in drafting service level agreements (SLAs). Intended to offer general guidance for a broad range of service levels, this checklist covers topics such a…   
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Software Development Agreement Checklist Software Development Agreement Checklist
The material contained in this 31-page checklist represents a comprehensive collection of items applicable to various software development agreements.  Highlighted issues include Ownership of the…   
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Software License Agreement Checklist Software License Agreement Checklist
This 29-page checklist is intended to offer general guidance for a broad range of software transactions and covers topics including Grant of License, Warranties and Remedies.  Using ICN’s c…   
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