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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Vendor Ploys

Vendor Ploys

Want to be prepared the next time a vendor attempts to sway a deal to his favor? ICN’s explanation of popular vendor ploys will arm you for many of these tricks. Learn how to counteract the “I cannot give you a better price than…” ruse, understand how to deflect the “that is not the way we figured the deal” scheme, and thwart the “if we lower our fee, we can’t give you our best consultants” stunt.

Having ICN’s 69 pages of Vendor’s Ploys in your arsenal gives you an advantage in negotiations to do better deals. We’ll show you how to neutralize some of the most common ploys, including:

  • Booked Order
  • Form Contract
  • All Included Price
  • Try It, You’ll Like it
  • Who has the Keys to the Company Store
  • We Don’t Need to Write That Down, You Can Trust Me
  • We Can’t Do it for you Because We Would Be Setting A Precedent
  • Unfortunately, I’ll Have to Get Any Changes Approved By Corporate

You’ll naturally feel greater confidence by being prepared to counter these common ploys. With negotiations in your favor, you’re sure to do better deals.

Note: this is a digital product. After purchase (and approval for PO orders), you may download this product immediately by accessing your account.

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