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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Source Code Escrow Agreement Package

Source Code Escrow Agreement Package

In the unlikely event that you need to get your software code out of escrow, how confident are you that the escrow agent will release the code? Chances are the agent will side on behalf of the supplier and not release the code until strict lists of conditions are met. Our 12 page battle-proven Software Escrow Agreement increases your chances of getting your code when you need it.

Don’t get caught by tricky Software Escrow Agreement language when you need your source code. This Software Escrow Agreement provides language for five “trigger” events for the release of source code:

  • Licensor’s inability to correct any malfunction
  • Licensor’s is unable to discharge maintenance obligations
  • Any sale, assignment or other transfer by Licensor without prior consent
  • Discontinuance of maintenance
  • Licensor suffers an insolvency event

Don’t wind up a victim of unfortunate escrow agreement practices--blank disks, software never deposited. Section three of this agreement provides explicit instructions on the deposit and audit source code. Other important sections include suppliers’ warranty of usability of the source code and the grant of license after the customer obtains the source code from the agent.

Note: this is a digital product. After purchase (and approval for PO orders), you may download this product immediately by accessing your account.

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