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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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SAM and ITAM Programs - How to Avoid <span class='highlight'>Failures!</span>

SAM and ITAM Programs - How to Avoid Failures!

By listening to this webinar you have become a prospective CAUCUS member. Within the next thirty days of you paying for this video, you will have this money carry over in the form of a credit towards your CAUCUS membership. 

In this Webinar, CAUCUS Members will get specific, practical answers to their SAM/ITAM questions from two industry experts with decades of SAM and ITAM experience. Here are just a few of the questions covered:

  • What are the proven benefits of a well-run SAM or ITAM program?
  • What elements are needed for a best-practice SAM or ITAM program?
  • How can Executive sponsorship for a SAM program be obtained and increased?
  • What company resources will be needed to create and operate a best-practice SAM/ITAM program?
  • How does a SAM program help in a Merger, Acquisition, or Divesture situation?
  • Pitfalls to avoid in creating or carrying out a SAM or ITAM program

Don’t let your company be taken by surprise in 2016. It’s not if but when. You need a world-class SAM or ITAM program in place! Learn, implement, and be ready for software audits and other challenges ahead.

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