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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Software Audits - Part 1: What the Pros say

Software Audits - Part 1: What the Pros say

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Software audits can be painful and expensive. Many CAUCUS members report increases in the number and intensity of formal audits. One member cautioned, “It’s not if but when” you will be audited.

CAUCUS members asked for a Webinar on how best to prepare for and to defend against an audit.

We gathered many troubling questions from CAUCUS members who had experienced or were threatened by software audits. In this CAUCUS Webinar, the most challenging of those questions are asked to a senior industry professional who gives specific, practical advice on how to get ready for an audit, and the DO’S and DON’TS on how to defend your company during an audit.

The specific, practical advice in this CAUCUS Webinar includes:

  • What are the major software audit pitfalls and how best to avoid them
  • How to organize processes, people, policies and procedures to prepare for the coming audit
  • What are self-audits and how to use them in preparation for vendor software audits
  • What protections should be negotiated before signing a software license
  • When might a “no audit” provision be appropriate
  • What audit negotiations are possible after a license is already signed
  • How to closeout an audit in a way that maximizes protection going forward

Remember, “it’s not if but when”! Don’t be caught short. Get the answers and be prepared.

This webinar is good for 1 credit hour towards your renewal of CTPE / CTPE continuing education credits.

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