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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Some Key Questions for Open Source Deals

Some Key Questions for Open Source Deals

Some Key Questions for Open Source Deals

  • Learn what drives the quiet revolution of Opens Source software licensing
  • Get an update on how to safely use Open Source
  • Discover the far-reaching magnitude of types and impacts of Open Source software licences
  • Explore how Open Source licensed software can improve IT procurement negotiations for the Customer

Open Source Software confronts us at every turn.

Some software, like Linux, has been licensed as Open Source for decades.
Now the number and types of software licensed under Open Source licenses is LEGION.

There are usually multiple Open Source software alternatives for every proprietary or closed source solution.

1.     Is Open Source software really "free"?

2.     Is it actually subject to an enforceable software LICENSE?

3.     Is any company every sued for failure to comply with an Open Source software license?

4.     Are there every advantages in using Open Source software?

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