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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Mentoring: A Panel Presentation

Mentoring: A Panel Presentation

Mentoring: A Panel Presentation


  • Learn how to use Mentoring to boost your IT procurement career
  • See how informal Mentoring differs from formal, and which is best for you
  • Hear real Mentoring experiences that helped catapult careers
  • Know the potential pitfalls in Mentoring and how to avoid them
  • Discover how to get the most out of a Mentoring relationship
  • Be prepared for your present or future role as a Mentor

Now is the time and this is YOUR year!

Whether a seasoned IT procurement professional or just starting out, everyone’s career can use a boost.

What is the quickest way to grasp the IT procurement process, learn IT vocabulary, master how to network within your company, understand internal “politics”, get invited to key meetings, and make course corrections that will re-vitalize your career? MENTORING may be the answer for you!

More and more Fortune 500 companies are adopting Mentoring programs because they have proven beneficial for both the company and its employees.

If you are interested in taking control and making the most of your IT procurement career, present and future, this Webinar on Mentoring by two IT procurement professionals will open your eyes to what Mentoring can do for you.


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