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Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Termination Clauses: Fact or Fiction

Termination Clauses: Fact or Fiction

Fact:  Termination provisions don’t receive the attention they deserve.

Fact:  Although termination provisions should be in the crosshairs from a strategic point of view, often a negotiator focuses only on (i) preserving the right to terminate the contract without cause upon proper notice and (ii) the laundry list of situations in which termination for cause is allowed.

Fiction:  The right to terminate a contact and the ability to terminate a contract are the same thing.

Fact:  While you may have the right to terminate a contract, doing so may not be feasible.

In this webinar, we’ll continue separating fact from fiction.  We’ll look at several issues related to contract termination and discuss ways you can lessen a termination’s impact on your organization.

Some of the topics covered include:

·        Timing considerations

·        The importance of a documented dispute resolution process

·        Transition assistance

·        How the threat of termination can be used against you

·        The role of vendor management

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