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Saturday, January 23, 2021

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The Neuroscience of Better Deals: An Introduction

The Neuroscience of Better Deals: An Introduction

In this webinar by a member of the prestigious Society for Neuroscience, you will discover simple but proven brain-based methods to better enable you to get the deal you want. You will be given strategies to greatly improve your brain's performance during the negotiation process, and how to influence the brains of the other party.

  • Enhance Your Ability to Negotiate Effectively
  • A Dramatic Paradigm Shift: How to Train Your Brain
  • How to Boost Your Brain’s Performance
  • Use Your Brain to Communicate Effectively with Anyone
  • Explore Neuroscience Breakthroughs that are Revolutionizing How we do Business
  • Use Your Brain to Overcome Distractions and Regain Focus During Negotiations

This 45-minute overview will be followed by a live question and answer period.

About our Presenter

Jonathan Jordan, in addition to being a social neuroscientist, is also a certified business & executive coach, a popular international speaker and frequent guest of TV and radio shows. Jordan, who is originally from Ireland, was admitted into the Society for Neuroscience a number of years ago and has authored numerous articles about brain training and business enhancement. He previously served as an executive with the McDonald's Corporation and is currently president of Global Change Management, Inc., a Florida-based business and personal development firm. Recently he stated, “My firm utilizes neuroscience breakthroughs and other emerging knowledge to pioneer new approaches to improve human and workplace performance.” He added, “All success, either personal or business, starts in your brain. Our approach to brain training is proven to result in even greater success.”

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