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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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RFX Series

RFX Series

Our RFX Series offers you a number of sample “Request for” documents that can be invaluable to your procurement people. You’ll find documentation for RFIs, RFOs and RFPs, including samples and entire kits.

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Bidders Conference Package Bidders Conference Package
Ensure a successful bidders conference that leads to meaningful bidder responses with this package of five time-saving forms and templates. This is an essential tool that walks you through all ph…   
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Confidentiality Agreement Package Confidentiality Agreement Package
This Confidentiality Agreement Package provides two options—a short and a long form agreement. Each provides your organization with proven language to protect your critical information. Either c…   
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Master Request for Offer Master Request for Offer
This 126-page, results-based Request for Offer is a detailed example of how an RFO can facilitate your procurement process. Of course, the length of the document is dependent on the scope and intricac…   
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Negotiation Position Paper Template Negotiation Position Paper Template
In today’s fast paced business environment, communicating within our organization is increasingly challenging. A negotiation position paper solves this challenge by providing one comprehensive d…   
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RFI Package RFI Package
Comprised of two documents, this comprehensive RFI package will enable you to poll potential vendors regarding their ability to respond to your company’s specific procurement requirements. The …   
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RFP Enhancement Package RFP Enhancement Package
This package of six time-saving documents solves many of the minor challenges that can frustrate you when issuing an RFP. This collection of reference material also can support you when putting o…   
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RFP Evaluation and Pricing Package RFP Evaluation and Pricing Package
Looking for a better way to score vendor proposals? Need to make sure your scoring is unbiased? This package of twelve Microsoft Excel templates, including seven easy-to-use RFP score carding matrices…   
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Save time, stay in control and stay ahead of the procurement power curve. The RFQ kit keeps the process efficient and easy to manage. This comprehensive kit includes an RFQ process, a Master Agreement…   
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Vendor Communication Package Vendor Communication Package
Capitalize on these eight essential and time-saving documents that are related to the RFP process and to deficient vendors. Each document relates to a function necessary to the initiation, consummatio…   
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